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Fugitive Florida Toes Cause Trouble

More goodies from the cache of the Press Herald! This time it's pure foolishness. Whoa, Nellie! Again, I have highlighted the (ir?)relevant text. Har!


Wednesday, December 10, 2003 11:15 pm

Penobscot County sheriff appears on Newsweek cover
Associated Press
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BANGOR, Maine — The Penobscot County sheriff is gaining national exposure with his appearance on the cover of this week´s Newsweek magazine.

Sheriff Glenn Ross appears on the cover of the national publication with a minister and a doctor as part of a cover story on how lawsuits are affecting professionals in fields from education to law enforcement.

Ross was featured in the article talking about a bizarre case last year involving a man wanted in Florida who fled into the woods in Mattawamkeag and eluded police for three days.

But the man later lost two toes to frostbite, so he threatened to sue police for not capturing him quickly enough. A lawsuit was never filed.

Ross was flown to New York City last week for the photo shoot with a minister from South Carolina and a doctor from New York.

On Tuesday, after the magazine hit the newsstands, Ross fielded questions and comments from Penobscot County commissioners and autographed a copy of the magazine for Penobscot County Administrator Bill Collins.

"It´s kind of surreal to see your picture there," Ross said.


This, of course, led me to more concurrent mention of the story, which baffled newshounds everywhere! Here is a nice summation with quotes from the fugitive from a Utah website:

"Fugitive Harvey Taylor is threatening to sue the Maine sheriff's deputy who failed to track him down fast enough, a delay that resulted in Taylor's losing three toes to frostbite after he spent three nights wandering in the woods. Taylor, a convicted sex offender wanted in Florida, said he got caught in hip-deep snow while fleeing. From his hospital Taylor was quoted as saying, "If [the deputy] had done his job properly, I wouldn't be here right now." (Washington Post, Dec 29, 2002)"

The McLarty Firm reports that "Harvey Taylor has not filed a suit in ME or FL, because most lawyers refuse to take cases without merit." Of course.

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