Thursday, November 15, 2007

Photo Essay including Strange Maine store & Geno's

Thomas Michael Corcoran has a great style of journaling -- little photo collections and collages made of everyday passing-bys. In this entry in particular, he visits Brunswick and then Portland, and gives a little mini-tour of Congress Street, including the Strange Maine store (shown here) and Geno's Rock Club. Good stuff! It caught my eye, so I thought I'd point it out to any interested parties.

If you like what you see, he has plenty of other entries, mostly based Augusta.


mike said...

Thanks for the plug Strange Maine. I came in and bought a book of Edgar Allen Poe poems today.
Good Store there.

Michelle said...

You're very welcome, Mike! Was Brendan (the owner) working? He's a great guy. Nice pick for a purchase, by the way -- Poe is one of my favorites!

mike said...

Brendan may have been there. I wasn't feeling my usual talkitive self so I bought the book and bolted. I work the graveyard shift in Augusta Maine. Chemical imbalance ... other issues.