Thursday, January 03, 2008

Spotted in Portland: SASQUATCH!

I happened to be in a car driving down Spring Street just before 3:00pm today, which wound up stopped at the light at the corner of Temple Street and Spring Street. What did I see, but a furry bipedal humanoid sporting about in the freezing cold weather.

I can only hope his furry pelt was protecting him! He was surrounded by paparazzi, catching reaction shots of the citizenry, including myself and my roommate, who just about had a fit, startled as she was by the sight.

What were those crazy guys at Emptyhouse Film up to? Well, whatever it was, they were having fun. *grin* Thanks for making our afternoon so surreal!!!

Don't forget that they're running a premiere showing of their latest Maine-based film, Monster in the Woods at the Merrill Auditorium here in Portland on January 12th. Check out their ad for the event here on YouTube. And keep your eyes peeled for a sasquatch near you!

1 comment:

Andy said...

bigfoot will be on the loose for the next week or so, be the first to spot him and call wblm at 792-1029 to win tickets to see his movie on the 12th!