Tuesday, November 04, 2008

mystery photo

-as a thoughtful diversion today, here's yet another mystery photo. Can you guess where this was taken ???


Josh said...

Looks like Congress St. in Portland, with some giant campaign banners hanging across the street.

ctupper said...

My guess is Commercial Street in Portland.

Walking Spanish said...

I too think Congress street.
The building behind the clock on the left is a big condo now - also Mr Bagel is there.


C Neal said...

Congress Street, looking east from near Oak Street. The big building on the right now houses SPACE and the artists studios, and just left of center is the old Casco Mechanic's Hall that now houses Photoshops.

Does that banner say "Thomas B. Reed", as in Czar Reed? He's got a statue on the West End.


speculator said...

wow, there are some really sharp eyes out there!!

Yes, this is Congress Street, Portland, looking east, with the JB Brown (Rines Dept. Store building) at left.
The picture was taken in 1894, note how the Porteous Dept Store hadn't been built yet (across the street, in 1904).