Monday, April 06, 2009

New Maine horror movie & SFX group!

On Friday, April 10, GothicMaine is hosting a zombie themed evening at the Asylum (Plague night) which is being thrown to raise money for a locally produced zombie film called "Heaven Shall Burn," which is planning on shooting sometime this summer. Visit for more info.

At the event they'll be selling copies of "Amore Morgue", a 19-month Zombie Lady themed calendar shot locally. They'll also have a signup sheet for people to be contacted when the movie need zombie extras. The crew is also scouting locations in the area for filming, according to a recent Craigslist posting.

Eric Anderson, who emailed me about the event and the upcoming film, also wanted to give a heads-up to anyone interested in joining Maine's new Shoggoth Assembly. He explains, "I have actually started getting together a local group of people interested in the SFX field (and all of the many things that encompasses) for the Southern Maine area." Read on for further explanation!
A Shoggoth is a creation of the horror master H.P. Lovecraft. It is a creature with a constantly shifting form that could shape itself into as many eyes, mouths and hands (...tendrils would be more appropriate) as it needed to do its dark will. This ever-shifting creature helps to represent the concept I have for our little organization (without quite as much devouring and eldritch horror...).

The Shoggoth Assembly is a group of friends and like-minded individuals in the Southern Maine area interested in the myriad of skills involved in the art of Special Effects. The "SA" is not a union or employment agency, but is instead a meeting place where artists, filmmakers, actors/models and anyone else interested in learning and sharing their knowledge of the craft can come together. As projects arise, we can call on our various members with many different areas of expertise to put as many eyes, hands and minds on a project as we need.

Among the services the SA intends on providing:

-We will provide a web-based forum (click here) for the members to be able to keep in touch, ask questions, develop networks and announce projects or other opportunities that fellow members may want to take advantage of.

-We will organize "Tech Swaps" to give member artists and friends more face time together to talk shop and to make connections and go over new ideas

-Members will be able to teach workshops to provide their knowledge of SFX techniques to other members and help people explore their interests

-The website will allow members to post photographs or short movies in personal galleries so they can share their accomplishments with the other members as well as provide a portfolio space that potential clients can reference.

-The SA will be a resource for area producers and directors to be able to seek individual talent for their projects or to ask the SA group leaders to organize teams for them. The SA will not interject itself in compensation negotiations between employers and the artists, and should not be seen as an "employer" of any of the members.

-Eventually, when there is enough interest, members can take part to secure a co-op styled work space where the members will have all hours access to work on larger scale projects, work with materials that are more messy or toxic that you wouldn't feel comfortable working with in the home, or just to be able to work in a neutral environment..

The Shoggoth Assembly will strive to help its members grow their skills, network with other artists, discover opportunities to flex their artistic muscle, and be a resource for area productions to go to when they need quality SFX services in the Southern Maine / New England area.

Welcome to our group and please don't be shy. If you have any questions please feel free to post questions here or to send inquiries to Eric Anderson.

Sounds good to me!

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