Friday, May 08, 2009

Gorham Times Blotter rules!

Okay, here's some good blotter fodder for the past week from the Gorham Times!

Douglas Street caller reported finding footprints around their residence. It also appeared that someone had been peeking in their windows.

South Street caller advised that their child was at the library and one of their child's friends set his hair on fire.

Western Avenue caller reported they had found a gun in their mother's drawer and wanted to know if it was registered.

State Street caller wanted to speak to an officer regarding the Do Not Enter sign and their customers entering the wrong way.
Caller reported their vehicle was "broken into" sometime during the night or early morning as they found a paper clip in the ignition when they went to leave for work.

Murray Drive caller reported that their spouse has been receiving unwanted sex messages and comments on their cell phone and they wanted the messages to stop immediately.

Read full Blotter here: [Source]

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Anonymous said...

Too Funny!!!!!! Life in the big city....