Friday, August 27, 2010

Microhorror in Maine

We've all heard of horror novels, and horror short stories. But have you heard of horror microfiction? The website defines microfiction thusly:
Microfiction is also referred to as flash fiction or short-short stories. The general goal of a microfiction author is to tell a story, set a mood or depict a scene in as few words as possible. There is no official limit on how long a story can be before it no longer qualifies, but on, you will find no stories longer than 666 words.
Much to my delight, I found a very brief homage to Stephen King's Maine on the site, in the form of an entry by author Jeff Ryan (, titled "Far From Yoknapatawpha."
Rod became interested in fictional places as a student of William Faulkner, whose Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi was a weird and wonderful place. But that love of the imagined made him unable to visit a place without also seeing what was imagined to be present there. That was why his trip to the New England coast was so dreadful...

Read the full story on the site. [Source]
Enjoy! Maybe a few among you have some microfiction of your own to submit...?

Illustration (c)2007 by Michelle Souliere.


Nathan Rosen said...

I'm the founder and editor of I'm glad you're enjoying the site!

Michelle said...

Thanks for checking in, Nathan! :) Great site you run, over there!