Saturday, September 11, 2010

Third time's a... chum?

Okay, the first time a bait truck dumps its load in your front yard, it stinks. The second time it happens, it stinks again. The third time, it stinks even more, and you start to wonder...
a) Do the bait truck drivers have it in for you?, or
b) Has the local cat population developed a cunning plan that the rest of us don't know about?

The Bangor Daily News reports:
Truck overturns in Whiting, spills load of herring
7/31/10 04:02 pm Updated: 8/2/10 09:03 pm
By Sharon Kiley Mack, BDN Staff

WHITING, Maine — A truck carrying herring overturned on a sharp curve near the intersection of Routes 189 and 1 in Whiting early Saturday, spilling its cargo and injuring the driver.

According to Maine State Police Trooper Andrew Foss, the driver of the truck blew a tire as he drove through the curve, causing the truck to flip onto its side.

About 22,000 pounds of lobster-bait herring tumbled out alongside the road, and the truck owned by D.C. Airfreight of Winter Harbor had $25,000 in damage.
This is the third time a fish truck has dumped its load in Esther MacLaughlin’s front yard, her daughter Robin McPhail said Saturday.

Read full article & see photos at BDN site:,150197

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