Wednesday, October 27, 2010

EVENT: Shoestring Theater Halloween parade!

How many times have you heard about this parade after the fact, and said, "Darn it, why didn't someone remind me to go?!!" Well, no excuses this year, 'cause I'm reminding you right now.

WHAT: Shoestring Theater's annual Halloween parade
WHEN: Sunday, October 31st @ 6:00 - Participant lineup starts @ 5:30
WHERE: meet at 155 Brackett Street, Portland ME

This annual parade is Portland's howling, dancing, and drumming reminder of what Halloween is. Everyone is invited, all ages are welcome. If you'd like to participate in the parade, either in your own costume, with your own instruments, or by using some of the Shoestring puppets and instruments that are available, please arrive at 5:30 so they can get everyone settled in time for departure at 6:00.

The parade leaves the Shoestring Theater's home at 155 Brackett Street, across from Reiche School, and winds its way through the shadows of the West End, bringing a little bit of Halloween brouhaha to everyone in its path. Come and have fun!

A video of part of 2007's parade:

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AnaVar said...

Sounds fun! Hope to see some new photos and video!