Sunday, June 05, 2011

Odd old Yankee want ads

Found in the January 1954 issue of Yankee magazine, on the page containing "The Original Yankee Swoppers' Columns" (sic). Apparently birds were in demand at the time.
-- Swop: My cute puppy, Toy Manchester Terrier with pedigree. Wanted: Useful things, rare birds, or make offer.

-- I want a hand sled on which I can load heavy stones for drawing away. Will swop with Vantines deodorant spray bottles.

-- Have a natural red fox neckpiece. Would like 20 or 25 jigsaw puzzles (any size); any 3 complete years of National Geographic or Reader's Digest or Holiday or complete year each of all three; and odds and ends of colored yarns (any weight).

-- Will swop crochet work for parakeets or finches.

-- A beautiful old organ with false pipes. Tone splendid. Will swop -- just tempt me right.

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John Herrigel - the Herrigel Group said...

Birds may not be in today, but it seems like there is always some new fashionable trend. It is how new trends build upon the old to build the next big thing.