Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Monster Maine lobster!!!

According to MPBN's site, a massive lobster was caught off the coast early this weekend. Holy moley! Would love to see a picture of this feller.
Monster Lobster Caught off Maine Coast
02/22/2012 03:44 PM ET

BOOTHBAY HARBOR, Maine (AP) _ A giant 27-pound lobster has been caught off the Maine coast, but it won't be going into a pot of boiling water.

Maine State Aquarium Director Aimee Hayden-Rodriques says Cushing shrimp fisherman Robert Malone caught the monster crustacean in his nets Friday. He gave it to the Department of Marine Resources to deliver to the aquarium which the DMR operates in Boothbay Harbor.

The beast weighed in at 27 pounds and measured nearly 40 inches long. It was dubbed Rocky because it was caught in the Rockland area, but Hayden-Rodriquez says it could have been named for Rocky the boxer because its claws are big enough to pack quite a punch.

Hayden-Rodriquez says Rocky will soon be released into the ocean because he'll fare better in the wild.
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Brandi Mills said...

Here's a picture for you! It IS a monster! :)

Aaron Hall said...

have they released him yet?