Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Mysterious Lady of Frye Island

From the Lewiston Evening Journal of Oct. 21, 1878:
A Mystery.—The Press says that on Thursday last the family of Mr. Noah Hooper, who live on Frye's Island in Lake Sebago, saw a well dressed female come from the woods in the vicinity of the house, who sang parts of several songs. Her head was not covered, nor her hair put up, but was hanging loose over her shoulders. In her hand she carried a white handkerchief. When an attempt was made to approach her she fled into the woods. She has been seen once since. Her tracks are plenty on the shore, made by a well-formed foot, and well-written disconnected letters are seen on the sand. Mr. Hooper's cows have come to the barn, having the appearance of having been milked, and a pan of milk has been taken from the cellar. Friday a party searched the island without discovering the mysterious lady. The island is about three-fourths of a mile from Raymond Cape, about three miles from the "Outlet" and about the same distance from the railroad station. Mr. Hooper's family is the only one living on the island, which contains about 900 acres, nearly wooded.


Anonymous said...

umm.... there is a population of 2,000 on this island.... and no cows whats so ever... nice try people

Michelle said...

Well, apparently things were a little different back in 1878! :)