Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Dead Rise for Zombie Kickball VII

The weather was perfect for today's annual Zombie Kickball game which took place on the Eastern Prom.  When I arrived the field was covered with zombies, but there was some confusion as one of the dugouts held a kids baseball team waiting to use the field.  But zombies have a way of triumphing over humans even when they aren't eating their faces.   The zombies had reserved the field.  So after watching the blood covered dead stumble around for awhile, the kids baseball team eventually wandered off.

The zombie turn out was smaller this year than in previous years, although there was a large crowd of spectators.  Not sure whether the lack of zombies had anything to do with being scheduled on the same day as the Old Port Festival or not, but both teams were fairly small and play was mostly in the infield.  There seemed to be a larger contingent of younger zombies.  Also it was good to see some familiar faces from previous years.

If you missed out on the fun, here are a few photos.

Zombies aren't the best kickers.

Some familiar faces from previous years get into a zombie skirmish.

Angry Ref zombie - another familiar face from previous years.

The littlest zombie whose eye makeup reminded me of Paul Stanley from Kiss.   Later on she almost devoured Monkey.

The Aviator zombie

Gas mask zombie 

The soccer zombie had some disgusting looking blood on his shirt.

A spectator helps Monkey with his Monkey Safety Vehicle, while Monkey comes to the realization that the vehicle has one major flaw - the entrance leaves his tail exposed to zombie bites.

Photos (c) Chris Wallace


Monkey said...

That Chris Wallace is amazing. I want all of my future portraits done by her! In fact, I demand it.

Brian said...

Chris Wallace is a visionary. It is a shame her career has been ruined by her fear of being attacked and chased because she has a camera.


Chris Jart said...

You slay me. With you roaming the streets, how can I not be afraid?

Monkey said...

In the shameless self-promotion department, I offer a video of the day. Not as gorgeous as your photos, but the pictures... they move!