Friday, August 24, 2012

Bats in the... library?

Well, the Camden Public Library had an early Halloween visitor in mid-August this year! This little guy found a perch in the children's room of the library, clinging with his tiny fingers to the edge of an acoustic tile. Librarian Miss Amy safely caught the fuzzy flapper in a glass vase, and he was set free elsewhere after everyone got a chance to peek closely through the glass at their new neighbor. The audience read (very appropriately) the book Bats in the Library, by Brian Lies, to celebrate the little guy's release.
See their photo album here:

Thanks to artist Andy Finkle ( alerting us to this! He's shown art locally here at the Green Hand Bookshop, and loves Maine. And bats. And libraries.

Interested parties might want to know (incidentally) that the Camden Public Library is holding their book sale tomorrow (8/25) and Sunday (8/26)!

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