Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sacred & Profane 2012

It's that time again!

The Festival of the Sacred & Profane is unfolding on Peaks Island this Saturday, September 29th. This year there are no advance sales of tickets. Simply buy them from the festival ticket-sellers on Saturday when you arrive on Peaks Island.

Be sure to catch the 2:15 ferry to Peaks from the Casco Bay Lines terminal in Portland, or if you're already on the island, get them by showing up at the Peaks Island dock when the ferry lands at 2:35pm.

True to form, the festival takes place on the very day of the full Harvest Moon this year. If you're staying on the island overnight with friends, you can see the full moon at 11:19 pm!

The Casco Bay Lines fall ferry schedule for Peaks is here:

If you'd like to print out a map of Peaks, you can access a PDF showing the roads and major landmarks on the island here, on the Peaks Island website (their General Island map):

Each year the festival is different. While you are there, it is different every moment. Get ready, but don't prepare.

Have fun, everyone!!!

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