Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween events 2012: Round #3!

Ready, all my little Halloween hooligans? Here are some more Halloween 2012 events for you!

If you missed Rounds #1 and #2, check them out here:

Southworth Planetarium Halloween Party & Ghost Hour

University of Southern Maine: Science Building, 70 Falmouth St, Portland
(207)780-4249 or (207)317-0827

NOTE: The Planetarium is underground. When you enter the building, look for a mural of the planet Saturn. Descend the stairwell located beneath this mural.

On October 26, 2012, USM's Southworth Planetarium offers its 11th annual Halloween Party at 6:00! During this year's program they've added a new live-action program called SKY MONSTERS, featuring a look at some of the the horrid monsters in the stars, including Draco the Dragon and Medusa. They'll also be running their MOON WITCH show, telescope viewing, and if this isn't enough, the early evening program will be followed by their 4th annual GHOST HOUR at 8:00pm! ($6 per person; $2 if you wear a costume!)

The Ghost Hour is the scariest hour of the year at the planetarium. This program consists of ghost stories (tales of suspense and the supernatural) recited in our star dome theatre with the aim to scare and thrill. It is similar to ghost story sessions like the one depicted in The Turn of the Screw, or the one that inspired Mary Shelley to write Frankenstein. The difference? Mary didn't have a dome of tricks she could use to terrify the audience.

And, if that is not enough of an an inducement, they'll have free treats and snacks!!

Lewiston Zombie Walk
Meet at Simard-Payne Park in Lewiston at 12:00 noon on Wednesday, October 31st!

It's the 5th year the undead have walked the town! Shuffling through the Twin Cities, enjoying all of its beauty, its culture, its...Zombies?!? Come along with them this Halloween at high noon. The walk starts at the Simard-Payne Memorial Park in Lewiston, otherwise known as Railroad Park. Since Halloween is on a school day, a youth walk has been added to the events, running (shambling?) from 3:00 pm 'til 4:30 pm. And since this is their 5th year, they'll be having a few surprises along the way too! So bring your friends and family to the hexstravaganza!

As of this date, here is the itinerary of events:
11:00am - Team LZW sets up. Meeting w/ press & LZW volunteers.
12:00pm - Meet w/fellow "walkers" for make-up (if needed) & zombie calisthenics.
12:30pm - Team LZW's explanation of "Zombie Poise & Posture"(aka- LZW's Rules)
12:45pm - Appearances by special guests... From the upcoming zomedy film "How to Kill a Zombie, assistant director Seth Roberts & producer/protagonist Mr. Bill Freight Train McLean!
(Check out for more info on their work!)
1:00pm - The Walk begins! Here's a link of the route
2:30pm - Returning from The Walk! Team LZW will be providing some water & snacks for our "walkers." Whilst zombies enjoy provisions... The rest of the LZW crew will be preparing for their 1st ever Costume Contest (people painted at the LZW make-up booth will NOT be able to participate in either Costume Contest)! This year's special guest will be helping out with the contest as well as signing autographs, talking about their film and other zombie related stuff, and selling HtKaZ t-shirts (all t-shirt sales proceeds go to the production funding for HtKaZ and in no way is sanctioned/transferred for/to Team LZW or its known creators).
3:00pm - Wrap-up time for the regular LZW, and the start of preparations for the 1st ever Zombie Youth Walk! Team LZW would like to encourage volunteers & "walkers" to stay and help w/ make-up and passing out candy to the next generation of zombies.
3:30pm - Zombie Games! Including: Zombie Trivia, Zombie Plank Race, Zombie Bean Ball, Zombie Gauntlet(games are subject to change due to weather/funding)
3:45pm - LZW Youth Costume Contest! This ain't no Toddlers 'n Tiaras - come dressed up and perhaps be the Costume Contest winner! (Again, people painted at the LZW make-up booth will NOT be able to participate in either Costume Contest.)
4:00pm - Team LZW wraps up the festivities with a ending speech, thanking those involved, as well as some announcements. Next comes clean-up and wishing all of you a safe time out Trick or Treating and of course... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Bangor Zombie Walk
Meet at 1 Railroad St, Bangor, on Saturday, October 27th at 4:00pm!

BYOB-- Bring Your Own BLOOD! This page will tell you pretty much everything you need to know about zombie walk protocol: This is an all ages event! MAP VIEW OF THE ROUTE:

The Misshapen Jack-O-Lantern Tour
Bubba's Sulky Lounge, 92 Portland Street, Portland ME

On Sunday, October 28th at 8:00pm, Doctor Gasp touches down in Portland on one of his last stops on the Misshapen Jack-O-Lantern tour of 2012! Those of you who have made the acquaintance of Dan Blakeslee's annual alter ego will know the delights in store for you, but those who are innocent of the Doctor's show will want to add it to their spooky itinerary, as the Halloween spirit is nowhere as evident as in the marvelous antics of the man who sings his dark heart out to the treatful tunes of "The Vampire Fish," "Witchtrot Road," "Sugarpusher," and more. Get thee hence, wee ghosties!!!

Still curious? Seacoast Online has a good write-up of Dan's annual possession by Doctor Gasp here:

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