Thursday, May 24, 2007

Woman Claims Mutant Beast Was Her Pet

Doreen Madden of St. Petersburg, Florida, says that the Maine Mystery Beast killed by a car in Turner last year was her pet dog Woolfie. Cryptomundo has the scoop.
Madden said she took Woolfie to visit friends in Maine and left her there while she made a quick trip back to Florida. The dog, left with a family at Worthley Pond, northwest of Turner, ran off. Madden was unable to find it when she returned to Maine.

She placed an ad in a newspaper and on Craigslist, hoping to be reunited with her pet. But Woolfie was never found, and Madden returned to Florida.

Later, she heard about the media frenzy back in Maine when the strange animal was found along Route 4. She learned that DNA tests had revealed the animal was a dog, after speculation by some who suggested it might be something more exotic.

“It is without a doubt in my mind my dog,” Madden said. “A friend of mine had seen her picture in the paper and said it was her.” [Source]
One problem: she says her chow was female, but DNA tests showed that the beast was male.

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