Wednesday, August 16, 2006

'Mysterious Beast' Killed in Turner

What could be stranger than a hybrid/mutant something-or-other turning up dead on the side of a Maine road?

Some sort of canine creature was killed by a car in Turner over the weekend, and no one seems to know what it is.
"This is something I've never seen before," said Mike O'Donnell, who lives near the area where the creature was found. "It's an evil looking thing. It looks like half-rodent, half-dog."

Wildlife officials and animal control officers told about the find declined to go to Turner to examine the remains. By Tuesday, the carcass had been picked clean by vultures and there was not much left of the dead animal.

But Loren Coleman, considered by some to be the leading cryptozoologist in the world, said one thing is clear: the creature found in Turner is not likely somebody's pet.

"It certainly doesn't look like a chow or any kind of domesticated dog that I've seen," Coleman said after reviewing photos of the animal. "It may be a hybrid between a dog and a wolf." [Source]
You can read more of Coleman's comments at Cryptomundo (updates here and here).


Eddyqpr said...

What a freak creature, SURE it's came from a government experiments, like the GoatSucker..

Jim said...

"Wildlife officials and animal control officers told about the find declined to go to Turner to examine the remains."

So what exactly is the purpose of their positions? I'd think that in light of some of the reports about this mythic creature that residents have been reporting sightings of for the past year or so, these public servants could muster some urgency in getting to Turner.

downeast misanthrope said...

I have an interest in cryptozoology, and look forward to seeing the Bates College exhibit before it's packed up. That said, I think the Maine Warden Service responded as they should in this case. If the person who found the animal really wants it examined by them, they can spend the money to drive it to their facilities.

We can't complain about our high taxes in one breath, and then complain that our government isn't doing enough for us in the next.

In light of the pictures I've seen in the various newspaper accounts of this, and Loren Coleman's own comments, they did the right thing. Our state pockebooks owe the Wardens thanks, not criticism in this instance.

Chris said...

Warden Service Deputy Chief Gregg Sanborn said in the Aug. 18 Sun Journal that "Our main mission is to enforce laws."

"Back 20 to 30 years ago, game wardens would remove a dead deer from the road so the public wouldn't get upset. But the fact is, we don't have the money anymore. Every time we roll a mile, it costs us 50 cents. Gas is at $3 a gallon, and we've been cutting back on warden costs," he added.

He did say that, if anyone finds a road-killed cougar, wardens would respond.