Thursday, August 10, 2006

Jill Crowell, Hero for a Day

The Morning Sentinel reported today on an amazing rescue by Jill Crowell, a registered nurse from Oakland, Maine.

Center Street in Auburn was teeming with morning rush hour commuters when a Chevy Blazer started barrelling down the roadway without stopping or steering around the four lanes of traffic. Crowell, one of the many motorists witness to the scene, noticed the driver of the vehicle appeared to be having a grand mal seizure, a serious event in any epileptic's life, let alone when it occurs without warning in a moving vehicle.

Crowell acted quickly. She chased the vehicle down the street, stepping on the gas and steering expertly. As it approached a Cumberland Farms store she closed in, and in a split second she jumped from her vehicle, high heels, business suit and all, and ran towards the front of the Blazer as it continued driving at her. She dashed to the Blazer's door, yanked it open, and reached across the flailing victim, and threw the gear shift into park. With the sudden stop in motion, she turned to assist the man who had been driving, and meanwhile checked on his infant son, who was seated safely in the back of the vehicle.

Kudos to this woman who risked everything to help someone out and avert what must have seemed like a certain disaster. Too few people are ready to step forward and assist in a tight spot these days. Thank you, Jill Crowell. THANK YOU!!! And best wishes to the driver for a quick recovery from all of us here at Strange Maine.

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