Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Littering with Pigs

From WMTW's website comes a strange twist in the case of a Lewiston man who rolled a dead pig's head into a downtown mosque last month. Apparently the guy put a lot of forethought into his efforts. I'm pretty sure that makes it even more disturbing than if he had done it just on a wild and crazy impulse.
LEWISTON, Maine -- A man accused of tossing a pig's head into a mosque thought the most serious charge he'd face would be littering, or improper disposal of animal parts, according to court documents.

Court documents indicated Brent Matthews had a discussion with a police officer about the ramifications of leaving the pig's head on a doorstep.

But Lewiston police said Matthew was warned that doing so could be considered a hate crime. Muslims consider pork to be unclean.

The same officer with whom Matthew discussed the pig's head was the one who arrested him. Matthews is charged with desecrating a house of worship on July 3. The state attorney general also filed a lawsuit charging Matthews with civil rights violations.

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