Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Chicken Chopping Maniac!!!

The carnage was unbelievable. The pathos, unbearable. A brand new Old Orchard Beach fried chicken mascot statue, proudly and excitedly greeting passersby at its streetside location, was brutally knocked over and decapitated during late dinner hours on Saturday night.

I heard the news Monday morning (click here for the story and a video clip), and was shocked, because I myself had first seem him within (it would turn out) mere minutes of his meeting with such an untimely fate. He was anything but subtle. As we drove past him in the low sunlight of Saturday evening, on our way to Old Orchard Beach's main drag and the promise of pizza and fries at Lisa's Pizza, I gawked out the window and shrieked, "What the heck was THAT?!"

He was brightly colored yellow, with red/orange trim, eyes practically popping out of his head, and was obviously happy about his new role greeting customers, as he stood at his post outside of Kelly's Finger Lickin' Chicken in the fading glow of sunlight and the oncoming headlights of cars as they drove by. Shortly thereafter, disaster struck. Now, a community of mascot-lovers reaches out in sympathy and support to the owner of this beleagured chicken, and hopes his bright future will be restored.
Who Would Decapitate A Wooden Chicken?
Web Editor: Caroline Cornish, Reporter
Police in Old Orchard Beach are trying to figure out who decapitated a 6 foot tall wooden chicken. The chicken had only been out in front of Kelly's Finger Lickin' Chicken for two days before it lost its head.

Around 8:30 P.M. Saturday, a customer noticed the chicken was knocked over. When the owner went to look at it, he discovered the head was gone.

Kelly's was planning to have a naming contest for the bird, and owner Kevin Kelly promises it'll be back. He said, "They ruined a great thing. We were trying to make a nice thing up here, something different for the people of Old Orchard and they take part of it away. But we'll rebuild."

Kelly's was going to offer a reward for the chicken head, but while we were taking pictures, a good samaritan came by to say he saw the head behind a laundromat across the street. It's a little damaged, but otherwise OK. The owners still want to know who vandalized the bird, but they're glad they can put him back together again.


Franz said...

Good publicity stunt! Reminds me of when we kidnapped our friend's pink flamingos and held them ransom for 12 chocolate chipped cookies, to be retreived at a local cemetary at midnight.

Chris Jart said...

You know what's odd? When the three of us drove back past the fried chicken place, I noticed that the giant chicken was no longer there. I thought they probably took it inside at night to prevent something from happening to it. Wow, only an idiot would decapitate a six foot chicken statue.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should have "choked" the chicken instead!