Monday, August 14, 2006

Lovecraft finds Dunwich in Maine

Christian Matzke and Sarah Tarling's film Dunwich wrapped up its shooting late last night at a quiet location in Pownal. The small crew worked on makeup, costume, sets and lighting as the sun went down, and the assembled cast were finally put through their paces for the suspenseful freakshow scene late that evening.

With characters as varied as a dog-faced boy, bearded lady, and Pandora (a lovely snake), the scene promises to be memorable no matter what its eventual length in the final version of the film.

Stay tuned, as the film is to be completed by September 1st for entry into the Lovecraft Film Festival! Those curious about Matzke's prior filmic pursuits would find it worth their while to pick up a copy of Lurker Films' DVD of the H.P. Lovecraft Collection Volume 1: Cool Air on which his films Nyarlathotep and An Imperfect Solution can be viewed in full.

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