Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Possibly a Sasquatch

Andy Davis over at Emptyhouse Films just dropped me a line to let me know that they're going to be assembling a team and hunting for more of the cryptid creatures rumored to be found in Maine, which they are affectionately dubbing "Baby bigfoot." Since it was already the subject of the next Emptyhouse film they're making, they're going to be broadcasting footage on as soon as they get it.

More news as it arrives!!!

For the history of Maine bigfoot sightings, see our earlier article:


downeast misanthrope said...

Note from the Maine Warden Service-- before heading out, memorize the descriptive characteristics of cougars. That way, if you find the carcass of bigfoot, and you want a game warden to investigate, you can tell them you found a cougar and actually get them to show up.

Still, Sanborn added, there is a certain situation where a warden would respond to a dead-animal complaint.

"People have said for eons that there are cougars in the state of Maine, but there's never been any proof. If this lady had called up and said a cougar got hit, and described a cougar, we probably would have gone," he said.

(from the Bangor Daily News)

Michelle said...

dm-- I will ingrain them into my brain!!!