Thursday, June 28, 2007

Crime spree group was in Maine in 2006

A group of assorted drifters who were recently brought to ground in Wisconsin spent part of their travels in Maine. Authorities are now attempting to track their activities over the last few years. The dirty deeds culminated recently in the murder of one of the group and the torture and imprisonment of her 11-year old son. Police discovered this when following up tips about a separate case of child abduction that had been connected to the group. Reportedly the group wound up in Wisconsin because they wanted to see snow.

"Larry Hartle, who lived with his wife, Sandy, next door to Sisk and Clark at 2005 Elm Ave., said Clark told him she operated an online sex business and read Internet horoscopes. He said he found that odd, though, because Sisk and Clark were always asking to use the Hartles’ phone and computer." [Source]

"Hahn said the group, with Sisk, traveled to Maine and purchased airline tickets to Alaska in November 2006. They didn't make that trip and instead arrived in Wisconsin in January. [Source]

"Hahn said investigators were trying to piece together the group’s activities and whereabouts across the country. 'We could have victims from all over in different parts of the country. Fortunately, it ended here,’ he said." [Source]

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