Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Weekly Photo: Davy Crockett of Maine

Our last photo was of factory workers coming out of the old Calderwood Bakery on Pleasant Street in Portland, changing shifts way back in 1937.

Here is another photo, courtesy of Abraham Schechter, who runs the Portland Public Library's Portland Room. This time our photo is a Munjoy Hill photo, taken in 1955. Who is our intrepid young explorer, our young Davy Crockett? What did he discover about Portland during his reconnoitering mission? Is his perch still there today? Click on the photo for a larger version to inspect details.


Anonymous said...

Michelle, I'm a recent visitor to the site, and I just love the old photos feature!
David Pence

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Jim Degerstrom said...

I just love that photo! I was 6 in 1955 and had one of those coonskin caps, and maybe the toy rifle, but certainly not the leather scout outfit.

The facial expression is priceless.

Michelle said...

David-- Glad you are enjoying them! You never know what Abraham will dig up next... this particular one is a favorite, both his and mine.

Jim-- He certainly cuts quite a figure, doesn't he? If you ever dig up a photo of yourself wearing your coonskin cap, you should post it! We could start a whole gallery of them. :)

rustyind-f said...

The photo of young Davy Crockett is me! I remember it being taken out behind Shailer School at the top of what we called the 'bankin'.
Alas, I no longer have the outfit.
My family lived on the corner of North and Congress Streets above Rose and Al Mangino's Hilltop
Superette (mother lived there over 50 years). Funny thing is I've never shot a gun.
Rusty Willette

JacobG said...

Wow, it's a picture of my teacher of a little boy!

JacobG said...

Wow, it's a picture of my teacher as a little boy!