Saturday, July 07, 2007

Funky sculpture in the Maine wild

Brian Westbye blogged about one of Maine's many interesting wild outdoor sculpture sites back in May. These sites creep up on you as you drive the back routes of the state. Often you will find yourself muttering, "What the DEVIL was that?!" after catching a glimpse of SOMETHING STRANGE out of the corner of your road-obsessed eye. Luckily, Westbye has also included some photos of these particular suspects, which lurk in the woods of Whitefield, Maine, so you can rest easy for the moment.

Read his post here!

More crazy and wonderful sculpture can be found up the coast of Maine in Deer Isle, at the location of Nervous Nellie's Jams and Jellies. I posted on Roadside America about it in 2002. You can read my article here, and also see a sample photo of the wild sculptural concoctions. Since that trip many moons ago, I have met Peter Beerits, the mad genius responsible for this three-dimension hoedown of phantasmagoria, through my job at the front desk of the Portland Public Library. He is a pleasant fellow indeed. I'll have to get up there and see what else he's cooked up someday soon!

He talks about his sculptures here on his website, and includes a link to more photos of select sculptures with a list of many of his characters described.

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