Sunday, July 08, 2007

Man Disguised as Tree Robs Bank

With bank robbery seemingly on the rise, a robber in Manchester, NH has managed to set a new low in remaining inconspicuous while committing a holdup.

On Saturday morning, James Coldwell walked into the Citizens Bank on Elm Street disguised as a tree. The questionable outfit consisted of tree branches duct taped to his head and body. That is not a sweatband encircling his cranium in the surveillence photo - it's duct tape.

Reports stated that when Coldwell wasn't waited on quickly enough, he pushed in front of another customer and demanded the teller fill a bag with money. No weapon was displayed and Coldwell managed to disappear before police arrived...even though he was on the street with branches taped to him, and Elm Street is essentially treeless.

The leaves in his tree hat obscured part of his face, but not enough to prevent someone from recognizing him on a tv news story. An anonymous tip naming Coldwell as the man in the photo led to his arrest late Saturday night. To add insult to injury, the news report I saw reported witnesses stated that the robber smelled really bad.

I'm at a loss as to why he would think dressing as a tree was a good idea. Hopefully the newspapers will follow up on this story and Coldwell will make a statement as to why he chose to use this disguise.

photo: Fox25 article

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