Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Joe Black benefit show SUNDAY

For those of you who knew Joe, possibly one of the nicest guys around, here is a final send-off for him, and some help for his family.

In case you missed it, here is what has been going on. Strange Maine it is, but some of the saddest Strange Maine I've ever seen.

Joe's death is finally in the paper.

Click here to read the Press Herald article.

I'll post the text here in case the link eventually expires, so folks can read it. To see it in print is a strange feeling. Barely a hint.
Missing man found dead in elevator shaft
By David Hench, Portland Press Herald Staff Writer
September 10, 2007 12:52 PM

Portland police say a man who was reported missing Friday was found dead Saturday night at the bottom of an elevator shaft in the building where he lives.

Joseph Black, 25, was found at the bottom of an unused elevator shaft at 18 Casco St. Police do not suspect foul play, but instead believe Black fell the six stories – 74 feet – by accident.

Black had been on the roof of his apartment building Friday night shortly before he disappeared and there were indications he may have fallen then, Lt. Tony Ward said.

Friday night at 6:00 is the get-together at Norm's on Congress Street for a memorial gathering. So far as I know the family is not holding any kind of public funeral service, and it is their hope that everyone can gather and toast Joe at these two meeting points. They are also hoping that anyone with photos of Joe will bring them to share.

It makes sense to find out that Joe was the youngest in his family. It's strange to hear him referred to as a "missing man." He was a perennial boy more than anything. So damn excited about everything, even when he was trying his damnedest to be cynical and hard. He could never quite seem to manage it convincingly because of all his enthusiasm. Here's to Joe, and here's to those left missing him.


TastyGroove said...

joe was an old, good friend. he and i actually learned to play guitar together. we also started our first band together, called chaonauda, or something silly like that. whatever it was, it was the chinese word for 'noise'. sure, we only played one stupid battle of the bands, but it was huge for us. we had written 5 songs, practiced the hell out of them, pissed off our drummers dad and my neighbors. we loved every minute of it. his vision and passion were great. what a tragedy that they were taken from all of us so soon.

joe has always inspired me and been a great friend. it always made my day to see that kid. come to think of it, it seemed like everyone was always thrilled to be around him. one of the few genuinely great guys i've known.

i miss you so much joe.

Michelle said...

tastygroove-- Thanks for adding your story to the dozens I've been hearing about Joe. Everyone's going to miss him. This past week has been so surreal in Portland. Everything just seems off, it's like a plug has been pulled, silently, and no one knows what switch it is that needs to be turned back on. (Well, we all know, but its a switch that's out of reach now.)