Sunday, September 02, 2007

They say the ferris wheel has a great view...

...but this is ridiculous! One of my coworkers mentioned seeing a story on WGME-13's news about a ride operator at York's Wild Animal Kingdom having sex on the ferris wheel with a woman while he was supposed to be running it. The rumor was that he did so at the same time as patrons were on the ride and no one else was running the ride. There are no such details in the only online account of the story I could find. But the story's still WILD!
Couple hot and heavy on zoo ride, police say
Arrest made after mom says kids witnessed the act
By Elizabeth Dinan
August 30, 2007 6:00 AM

YORK, Maine — A couple allegedly having sex on the Super Spiral ride at York's Wild Animal Kingdom "horrified" a mother with young children who witnessed the act at "Maine's largest zoo and amusement park," say police.

As a result, Adrian Levy, 26 — a native of Jamaica and amusement park employee — is charged with one count of indecent conduct, said York Police Sgt. Tom Baran.

Wild Kingdom general manager Amy Wheeler said Levy, a ride operator, was simply "dirty dancing with a girl" and was not charged by police on amusement park grounds. He was, however, fired immediately and sent home, she said.
"The complainant had young children who observed the incident," said the police sergeant. "It is a serious incident; it's very inappropriate and it's against the law."

[Read full article on Seacoast Online here: Source]
I found photos of another Super Spiral ride (this one's down in Virginia) that gives a good idea of what the machine looks like, if York's is the same kind.

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