Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Weekly Photo: Ice Wagons Ho!

We've slipped a bit since our last "weekly" photo, but better late than never they say! Our last photo was of a young Davy Crockett wannabe, sitting perched as lookout on Munjoy Hill, surveying Portland's Bayside neighborhood below.

Here is another photo, courtesy of Abraham Schechter, who runs the Portland Public Library's Portland Room. This time our photo is another downtown photo, taken in 1942. Just the sort of summer sight you'd see today if only there were still ice wagons about, instead of popsicle-dealing ice cream trucks. Click on the photo for a larger version to inspect details. I'm not sure how much of the street is the same, today, as it was then.


Jim said...

60 plus years have brought incredible changes to childhood. Can you imagine youngsters with looks of bliss, like those in the photo, if handed unflavored ice today?

Good lord, if their rooms aren't decked out with technology reminiscent of a NASA control center, they're ready to cry "child abuse."

Nice photo, btw!

Rich said...

I really enjoy your weekkly photo series. This one is so great and a real capture of old Americana.

Keep up the good work.

The Native Tourist said...

This one is screaming for a kid in a Davey Crockett hat wielding a skate key.

Great work.

Anonymous said...