Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Mysterious Sport" of Ice Fishing

Melanie Hyatt, an editor at Maine Food & Lifestyle magazine, posted January 7th about ice fishing on the Plating Up blog.
Ice Fishing: A Real Maine Winter Sport

I have a vague memory of being a little girl, very bundled up, standing with my dad on the ice on Fish Street in Thomaston. We had a sled and Dad had tools with him that I now realize were an auger, jigs, bobbers, and a jiggle stick. I remember he drilled a hole in the ice, which I anxiously waited for a big fish head to pop up through. Though I don't remember that happening, I do recall being just as curious about the string of little smelt fishes which Dad pulled, like a magician, from the icy river.

And of course, I do remember it being very cold.

I see the ice shacks out there on the banks of Fish Street once again. It is the beginning of the ice fishing season in Maine. It is a mysterious sport. I only wish I were a little braver.

Click here to read the full article, including a yummy smelt recipe: [Source]

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