Friday, January 30, 2009

Valentine free-for-all

Madness! And you can do it too. Here is a special Valentine's note from Ed King, editor of the West End News. Please note that the deadline is this weekend to participate! Have fun...

Okay Gang-

It's time for the Annual West End NEWS Valentines Personals. They're free, and the idea is just to have some fun. We need them by this weekend so we don't have to pull another all-nighter on Monday. We have a number system in place, so no one will know who you are or can contact you unless you want them to.

To give you some idea what we're looking for, sample ad is below. Try to keep them to around 50 words. Send them to . Thanks! Ed & Liz

Old Hippies Need Love Too
I was chasing girls probably before you were born and am still going strong. I'm just a fun-lovin', hard drinkin', fast talkin', disco dancin' dude who can't stop havin' a good time. Don't let your jealous husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, whatever, get in the way of joining my party. Contact # 2001.

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