Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ghost hunters haunt out of state

The Daily Item reports on a Maine ghost hunting group that stepped into Massachusetts recently to check out a haunting.
Haunted happenings: Ghost team arrives to examine Lynn home
By Robin Kaminski / The Daily Item

LYNN - In a seemingly normal looking home on Averill Street, spirits from another time are said to haunt its halls.

Unexplained noises, visions of a young boy dressed all in white and the sound of breaking glass have become an almost daily and eerie occurrence for the mother and two daughters who live in the home.
Those ghostly premonitions prompted Bonnie to contact the Bangor Maine Ghost Hunters Association on a referral from her daughter in Maine, to finally get some answers and peace of mind.

A motley crew consisting of a former magician and three amateur ghost hunters - the Friday the 13th team was made up of Director Harold "Bubba" Murray, William Ammells, Cristal Murray and Michael Murray.

Established in 2000, Murray, a burly man originally from Lynn, said the investigations have taken the crew to numerous locations in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire, as well as Lynn and Haverhill.

Aside from the Maine chapter, there are also Lynn and Haverhill offices.

"They contacted me to see what was going on in their home, so we're here to see what we're dealing with," Murray said. "I don't usually come this far from Maine to investigate, but she really pushed for us to come. So, we're going to do a short term investigation (from Thursday night until Saturday) and then I'll analyze what we find."

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