Wednesday, February 04, 2009

mystery photo

Contrary to popular belief, spring is on the way.
Along with the milder season, more ghost streets will appear, too!
But for now, here is a mysterious Maine building for you to identify. This was built in 1830 and still stands.

What is this, and where is it??


Stan Hallett said...

I think that I've seen this building but cannot recall where. Is it currently occupied?

woody said...

I believe it is the Maine State House built in 1832

Anonymous said...

Is it not the Maine state house?

speculator said...

No cigar- not yet!

And yes, Stan, the building is still in use.

Here's a hint: it's not in the Portland area!

Bobbie Bowler said...

Looks like the Kennebec County Courthouse to me. :-)

Bobbie Bowler said...

And I should have also said it is located in Augusta. :-)

speculator said...

That's IT !
This is a picture of the Kennebec County Courthouse, in Augusta, taken between 1937-1940.

Strange Maine readers are SO sharp!