Monday, February 01, 2010

For you to decide!

To those of you who feel so inclined -- it is once again time for the Portland Phoenix to collect nominations for their annual Best of Portland vote.

I would be very honored if any of you would like to nominate me for Best Blog. And even if not, it's a great chance to vote on your other favorites as well!

You can add your nominations here!!! (or just click on the big red button below)

The Blog category is located under the "City Life" category on the linked page. There are a bunch of other fun categories too!

I will mention that there is a friendly rivalry afoot between myself and the Action Chad blog, and they are nefarious and wiley opponents. Good heavens. It could be an interesting election if we both get nominated!

Others of you who are fans of monthly Bingo, featuring The Fuge and Country Rhodes, may be interested in making sure they get into the running for the Portland Comedian category!

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