Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Old time crime

I ran across this entertainingly written article when I was researching some old Daily Kennebec Journal articles, and thought some of you might be intrigued by it:
Maine Gossip

The North Dexter correspondent of the Bangor News says numerous tramps have made their appearance on our main roads and are causing much uneasiness in the rural districts. Sunday night, D.C. Carlton, a youth of 19, while returning from a neighboring visit, about ten o'clock, was startled by the appearance of a large man standing in the road near what is locally known as Thomas' corner. Not liking his appearance he quickly transferred his pocket book to the inside of his trousers' leg, and, with the cold chills creeping up his spine, with the pocketbook crawling stockingward he approached the man who asked him the time.

Carlton responded by saying he had no watch, whereupon the man seized him and made a thorough search of his various pockets. Not finding anything of value he said, "Well you're all right," and told him he could pass along. It is needless to say that young Carlton took this advice literally and did not stop for a second invitation, breaking all former records for one-half mile dashes, arriving home in a breathless condition.

Daily Kennebec Journal, 4/11/1908, pg.6

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