Sunday, February 06, 2011

Another UFO in Vassalboro?

Back in 2007, we posted a possible UFO sighting from Vassalboro that had appeared in the Kennebec Journal. This past week, I received an email from a reader who saw something herself, and was wondering if anyone else had any insight into the event (the "something like this" refers to the prior Vassalboro report):
I did and have seen something like this several times. I was at my mothers yesterday [Feb 4, 2011], in Vassalboro, Maine. It was around 3:10 pm and I was taking the dog out.

I saw an extremely large, sort of oval shaped object in the sky, it was not very high up or far away. It was super bright!!! Silver and light like a window (maybe) towards the upper part. It dissapeared within seconds. It was not a jet or plane. There were no clouds around it and no lines left behind as there are with jets.

I would like to know if anyone else saw it?
The National UFO Reporting Center site (NUFORC) lists multiple sightings in Vassalboro, ME, both recent and from the 1960s (you can click on links for additional details for each reported incident):

6/1/60 20:00 Oval, + multi experiences with unknown.

7/3/63 21:00 East Vassalboro, Black triangle with central orange light moving slowly across sky.

6/28/65 Disk, round about 300" in diameter, silver with windows, no sound

3/9/00 19:45 Saw bright crescent shape light through curtains; pulled back to reveal crescent with very bright beacon or headlight hovering over trees

8/28/01 21:00 Streaking fireball over central Maine

12/4/09 04:50 Circular light/orange craft out running a pursuing military helicopter

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Mark LaFlamme said...

I lived in Vassalboro for a time. If extraterrestrials visit, you don't want the first thing they see to be Vassalboro.