Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cat stuck in a sewer for 2 days

Karen Douglas isn't the only one having a rough February. This poor cat had a run-in with a 300-pound sewer grate! Ouch!! Maine Public Broadcasting Network reports:
Boots the Cat Endures Two-Day Ordeal in Maine Storm Drain
The seven-year old feline's head was stuck in the storm drain for two days.
02/17/2011 04:32 PM ET

A South Berwick veterinarian encountered an unusual case today--a cat that was brought in with a 300-pound sewer grate attached to its head.

Authorities say Boots the cat got it's head stuck in the grate on Highland Avenue in the southern Maine city and was trapped for two days. A passerby finally noticed the trapped feline and called the highway department for help.

After chipping ice away from the grate, crews brought the cat, sewer grate and all, in to Dr. Amanda Rizner at the South Berwick Animal Hospital. "And we extricated the cat from the sewer grate," Rizner says. "She just has some bumps and bruises and she was really cold from being stuck it the sewer grate, so we treated her hypothermia and her bumps and bruises."

Rizner says Boots, a seven-year-old spayed female, was scheduled to return home today and is expected to make a complete recovery.

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