Tuesday, October 29, 2013

By golly, ONE MORE Halloween 2013 event!

WHAT: Shoestring Theater Annual Halloween Parade
WHEN: helpers @5:30, folks already in costume & bystanders 6:00 sharp!!!
WHERE: 155 Brackett Street, Portland, Maine
COST: Free and open to the public!
FMI: http://www.shoestringtheater.org/

Every year the residents of Portland's West End neighborhood are treated to a wild hootenanny of marching masked revelers as the Shoestring Theater's annual parade makes its winding way from its homebase at 155 Brackett Street (in the parking lot beside Fresh Approach Market) into the wilds and sidestreets of the West.

As the sun sets, the hooligans and neighbors gather. As the dark sets in, the drums start to rattle, horns trumpet out, and howls and happy yells echo from between the old houses and trees. Trick or treaters gape and interrupt their candy gathering to stare (though only briefly). Stiltwalkers strut, tricycles and wagons are welcome, and everyone should come ready for some freeform Halloween fun!!!

I talked to Nance Parker (well, our voicemails talked to eachother, haha), and she said, "Yes, the parade is on!" Every year the theater has to apply for a permit for a police escort to do the parade properly and safely.

One thing Nance wanted to make sure you all know is that "we really need people to help MAKE the parade!" In other words, if you can go early and help them organize everyone into their spots and help with handing out costume parts and instruments, and help escort everyone in the group, or assist in working some of the parade's bigger creations as the parade moves through the neighborhood, Nance says, "We would so dearly appreciate it!"

If you want to help out, come along a little early, at 5:30pm, and get everyone ready for the 6:00 departure en masse! It's a really good time no matter what you're doing.

Wondering what the parade is like? It's crazy wonderful! But check it out, starting with early preparation and going through the march itself in this great video from 2009:

Shoestring Theater's Annual Halloween Parade from Aaron Woodbury on Vimeo.


For an example of what the parade sounds like, there is a video from the 2007 parade that has a live soundtrack recorded on site:


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