Tuesday, October 29, 2013

One last Halloween 2013 event!

Fans of Maine supernatural lore know that there are a few classic Maine ghost story books that are staples in any Mainer's library. One of those is the perennial Maine Ghosts and Legends by Thomas Verde. Well guess what? The author is re-releasing the book in time for Halloween, and is making an appearance here in Portland at Longfellow Books, TOMORROW NIGHT! Fans of the original book may want to pick a new copy up -- my old edition has 126 pages, while the new 2nd edition counts in at 160 pages, and the prior edition had 26 stories, while this one features a total of 30 tales! This means there is some new material in this edition, and maybe even some updates to the old stories (pure optimistic speculation!!!).

WHAT: Maine Ghosts & Legends by Thomas Verde
WHEN: Wednesday, October 30th @ 7:00pm
WHERE: Longfellow Books, One Monument Way, Portland, ME
COST: Free and open to the public
FMI: (207)772-4045 http://longfellow.indiebound.com/event/thomas-verde-maine-ghosts-legends-longfellow-books

Maine has a rich supernatural history and ghost stories from the state are as varied as they are prolific. Freelance writer and reporter Tom Verde first became interested in such eerie occurrences while researching first-hand encounters with ghosts for a series of public radio programs.

•The dagger-wielding shade who terrorized a Portland couple
•The murdered Indian who revisited Means’s Tavern
•Famed diva Lillian Nordica, whose voice still echoes through the Farmington auditorium named in her honor
•The hostile spirit who tried to frighten the tenants out of an Orrington house
•Even an entire phantom ship, bound eternally for Freeport

These are not fictitious creations of literary imagination. People from all walks of life—including many who were positive they would never believe in ghosts—attest to these encounters.

Join us for a spooky pre-Halloween evening reading of Maine ghost stories with author Thomas Verde! As always, Longfellow Books events are free and open to the public.


If you are wondering which three classic Maine ghost books I'm speaking of, they are:

Ghosts on the Coast of Maine by Carol Olivieri Schulte
The Supernatural Side of Maine by C.J. Stevens
and of course Verde's Maine Ghosts and Legends: 26 Encounters with the Supernatural!

There are other books written more recently, but these 3 are the triumvirate I have had on hand for years and years. [NOTE: Quite frankly, I especially do not recommend Stansfield's Haunted Maine, unless you want to read a book by someone from away who embellished and misappropriated existing stories, some of which are not based in Maine at all, although he says they were. Take your chances with him as you wish, purely for entertainment value, but know that he wrote many of the tales with liberal misdirection.]

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