Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bowdoin Steam Tunnels

For those of you into urban exploration, here is an article about the mysteries of the steam tunnels that run under Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, installed around the turn of the century. Particularly intriguing is the quote given from Louis C. Hatch: "Bowdoin has and probably will have for many years, a memorial of its strange unknown." ...!!! It just sets the imagination afire.

While overtly bland and upper-middleclass to all appearances, Bowdoin also is home to many examples of Victorian and medieval revival architecture that make any redblooded fantasist hot for teacher. (did I just type that? Pardon me!) King's Chapel looks good and gothic in an old Maine Penny Postcard, and an overhead view of the college shows a good many spires.

Add to this the recent installation of Loren Coleman's Cryptozoology Museum, and things start to get more interesting. To visit the museum contact Mr. Coleman at .


Chris Jart said...

Loren Coleman used to (and still might) teach a course at USM about documentaries. It was team taught with two other faculty members and covered all sorts of different type of documentaries as well as the way filmmakers used editing, music, etc to more effectively portray their beliefs to the audience. It was actually pretty interesting.

Loren incorporates cryptozoology into his part of the class. I took it partly because of the possibility of studying Bigfoot or seeing Bigfoot documentaries - we did watch one - and partly because someone I knew who had taken the course already told me Loren was an arrogant bastard! An arrogant Bigfoot studying bastard? Where do I sign up?!

Oh yes, and now I want to go crawling around the tunnels at Bowdoin. (Why do I picture the Zero Unlimited complex tunnels looking that way?)

Stella Helvete said...

Wow... I am reminded of that terrible(I own it:P)made-for-tv movie called "Cruel Doubt" about acid-fuled D&D players killing people for experience points, and fencing in the steam tunnels... I'd love to see an example of the real deal!

Monkey said...

I am in love with this blog. Oh yes, I am.

If you guys go into the tunnels at Bowdoin, I'm going too! Please?

Michelle said...

Dear Stella:
I have not seen this one! I have heard of a similar one but it had a very different name. Damn! Must catch up!!!

Dear Monkey:
How could we leave our favorite simian companion behind??? Every expedition needs a mascot-cum-intrepid-explorer.