Thursday, October 13, 2005

the strange in maine

aside from the obvious, the paranormal.

I've heard theres lots of ghosts and legends up north. rightbehinders, sidehill winders, ghosts of all variety. also, right here in portland there are underground tunnels connecting the city.

if only it were easier to get in touch with, or to spy on the spirits...

last night was the kind of night we used to roam around in. it was beautiful, and for me, definately is the first truly fall sky i've seen this year.

love to you guys


Michelle said...

Here's an interesting rumor about tunnels from the Bangor Urban Explorers site:

"Far and away from Bangor, but a lead that interests us very much... we do not have much on this one, but we are looking into it as much as we can. This is what we were told: years ago, under the city of Portland, Maine; construction began on a subway system. several subway stations and tunnels were built before the city decided it did not need a subway system and scrapped the project. The tunnels are supposedly still there, waiting for a time when the city wants them again... or waiting for people like us."

In my online wanderings, I've found the BUE to be the state's most active and thorough exploration group (which does not really exist, ha ha). Good stuff! Pages full of tips and so on.

Michelle said...

Also... some of the so-called tunnels may actually be extensive basement levels that sprawl through whole blocks.

Of note is the apparently massive and rather creepy basement underneath Portland Hall (USM dorm building on Congress Street) that winds its way all the way to the basement of the new Geno's, if the rumors are correct (from the old days of the Fine Arts Cinema and pot-growing in the basement after it was turned into a nightclub).

Other rumors include an underground bowling alley underneath the parking lot at the top of Forest Ave, which may well actually be a sort of Telephone Game version of the YMCA's old basement bowling alley, which I used to take gymnastics lessons in (the lanes were perfect for running to hit the springboard for pommel horse jumps).

Anonymous said...

i used to bowl frequently at the lanes on upper forest av in the doak may have been the proprietor

Anonymous said...

I also bowled in the mid to late 1960's at Al's bowling alley which was indeed underground.