Monday, October 17, 2005

Strange Coming Attractions

For those of you unfamiliar with Portland's premiere weird spot, the store Strange Maine, here is an interview with Brendan done by USM's Free Press.

Local plugs aside, I talked to Brendan the other day and he is excited about this blog and the potential for spreading and collecting information about the strangeness of Maine. Yippeee!!! I really see it as an extension of some of the work he is doing with the store in creating a venue and a meeting place for people with inquisitive minds and lots of curiosity. Brendan is pretty damn inspiring.

Hopefully he will see fit to do a bit of writing for us here, and we are looking forward to posting his recent experiences on the road and his exploration of the legendary Connecticut ghost town, Dudleytown, in the spirit of propelling the strange into the New England area in general.

Anyone with interesting weirdness to relate, especially about Portland, or Maine in general, is welcome to post here and/or e-mail me at (minus the SPAM portion, of course).

Rock on!

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