Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Quad Circles in Brunswick

I guess we all missed the Feb. 17 story in The Bowdoin Orient about strange circles appearing on the college's quad.
A mysterious design in the snow appeared early this week on the Quad and left members of the Bowdoin community baffled as to how it got there. While some wrote it off as the work of student pranksters, others suggested that extraterrestrial forces might be involved.

The large design consisted of three multi-colored concentric circles.
The phenomena melted before an in-depth study could be undertaken.

I especially like the part that says "alumni were able to monitor the situation remotely by accessing the Quad webcam on Bowdoin's web site." Was anyone monitoring the webcam when the circles were made? Has evidence been destroyed?


Clayton said...

Wow. And no one got any pictures of this? Any description of the colors?

"Traces in the snow" of colors is reminiscent of both UFO reports and the Wendigo legends, which reportedly left a 'burning' in its snowy footprints.


Michelle said...

Well... if you click on the link in Chris D's post, you can see an article about it which has a photo, which I've archived here just in case they eventually archive the article off the main site.

You can't really see the colors clearly as the webcam has such poor resolution. However, to give you the idea of what type of colors they were, here's a quote from the article:

"Director of Facilities Operations & Maintenance Ted Stam told the Orient he was unsure how the circles got there. He said they appeared to be made of food dye, and guessed they were the result of 'some people just having fun.'"

Nothing quite as lusciously strange as Lovecraft's "Colour Out Of Space" but pretty fun nonetheless.

Michelle said...

P.S. Dear Chris D-- I always feel like a schmoe when I miss these things. I feel like they should just manifest themselves in my brain.... "Bowdoin! Now! LOOK!!!"

Like some kind of freaky radar. Or there should at least be a comprehensive alternative newssource to the standard AP.

Chris said...

Perhaps Strange Maine should enlist reporters on every college campus in Maine to keep an eye out for weird goings-on. An excess of free time and proximity to large amounts of beer are often precursors of weirdness.

Michelle said...

Chris-- I can't tell you how I would LOVE to have a fleet of Strange Maine cub reporters canvassing the state. Unfortunately, the beer also seems to curtail productivity, making said cub reporters less than likely to actually report said weirdness.

It's all very tragic. Ah, youth!

However, any volunteers will be welcome. Welcome, I tell you!!!