Sunday, April 08, 2007

Good Maine Spirits and Bad

Maine has its share of tales about spirit mediums and their positive work with the spirit world. Alongside this is the complementing current of legends and rumors of a more negative nature -- tales of evil influences, destructive hauntings, and curses. Today we've got a couple of stories for you, one from each side of the spirit river.

Story No. 1: Evil Spirits in Gray
While I've known that town government in Gray is full of infighting, I never thought I'd hear this said about it (emphasis is mine):
Gray has always been contentious. Some say all towns to some degree are. Others, who are sensitive to the spirit world, say Gray is haunted by human evil doers and their spirit evil counterparts and the veil between human and otherworld is thin. Either way, the degree of misbehavior has been unparallelled lately.

Last year we had more than one Council meeting recessed due to the inappropriately angry behavior of several audience members. We had people throwing up their middle fingers, and slamming out the door, rattling timbers in their wake. This year we have the usual angry bloggers again with hate speech and insults, and council-appointed committee members grasping the public podium and immaturely contributing to the civic dialogue by stating the the Vice-Chair is an idiot.

Monument News reporter Gordon Lane reported:
"The contentious March 20 meeting has also found itself on a YouTube post (MY NOTE: view video here, it's worth watching) in addition to the standard anonymous Gray blogs. The video, posted by Paul Proudian on Nathan Tsukroff’s blog, "Black and White in Gray" (, shows a heated exchange between town residents and Foster, and is then followed by a political attack ad. Foster is currently considering whether to run for another council term."
Story No. 2: Good Spirits in Durham
Lewiston Sun Journal continues with its excellent "weird Maine" series this week with another piece by Kathryn Skelton, this time about a psychic medium in Durham, Maine:
Transmitting spirits, Eddita Felt has offered apologies from an expired mother-in-law and revealed past lives that may have ended in death by alligator. The Durham woman behind the Northeast Professional Psychics, Mediums & Healers Guild, Eddita Felt insists she's shy.

It's spirit guides that motivated her. One named Fergus in particular. They wanted her to get out more, to be out more.

So much so that they goaded her into forming the Northeast Professional Psychics, Mediums & Healers Guild.

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Anonymous said...

Gray has a few people who just never quit. Literally. They're out of touch with reality. Pick on Foster if you want, but when the same people haunt your government for too long, it gets like the Hatfields and McCoys. Out with the old, show some new spirit! LOL.

Anonymous said...

I have had a session with the both of the mediums in this story and they were right on with most of what they said. I think mediums offer a good service if you're open-minded enough to accept it. The people who say the most negative things about spiritual matters and mediums are usually the people who have no experience with them. Are they afraid that there might indeed be things they can't totally understand?