Friday, April 06, 2007

Mystery Explosion Destroys House

A Salem Street dwelling had to be demolished after an explosion triggered a fire which caused the house to be declared a total loss. Jo Coyne was shoveling out from the big storm when she heard a loud boom. She thought it was snow coming off the roof and covered her head. The next thing she knew smoke was pouring out of her home.

The blast blew out the front door and side of the house, and reportedly even knocked the home off it's foundation. A next door neighbor stated that her own house shook so violently, she thought a truck had crashed into it.

Officials are still not sure what caused the explosion. The fire did such extensive damage that the building was in danger of collapse. Public works were called in to demolish it after the fire had been contained.

No one was inside at the time of the blast, but Coyne and her tenant lost everything. WGME News 13 has reported that anyone who would like to help with donations for expenses not covered by insurance can contact:

West End Neighborhood Association
c/o Salem Street Fire
Box 120 Harbor Terrace
284 Danforth Street
Portland, ME 04103

photo: Doug Jones


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