Monday, February 25, 2008

A Cold Shoulder for Gator Owner

Who knew? Up here in the frosty North (and I mean way, way upstate), there is room for alligators. WCSH has the story. Thanks to the New England Anomaly for the tipoff.
Wardens Confiscate Alligator
POSTED: 11:57 pm EST February 22, 2008

MONTICELLO, Maine -- In the dead of winter, the northern Maine town of Monticello may be among the last places anyone might expect to find an alligator.

Maine wardens announced that they confiscated a 3-foot alligator this week after its owner, Justin Barry, 20, failed to produce a permit for it.

Wardens secured the aligator's mouth and transported it to an animal rescue facility in Winslow. Warden Josh Smith said the alligator was angry at being removed from its terrarium but eventually calmed down.

Wardens visited Barry's home on Route 1 after receiving a tip from someone who saw pictures of the alligator on the Internet. It's illegal to keep wildlife in captivity and to bring it into the state without a permit. Barry was issued summonses and is scheduled to appear March 4 in Houlton District Court.

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