Sunday, February 17, 2008

Max the horse, new star at Graceland

Carole-Terese recently wrote to update us on the latest news for Max and the rest of his equine family, sending along this very sweet photo of herself with Max before he left for Graceland in December (see our original post here). Carole-Terese is one of the members of the Board of Protectors that was formed in order to rescue the family of six horses from slaughter last year (see their history here on their website).

Carole-Terese wrote to tell us that Priscilla Presley has signed on as a contestant on the "Dancing With the Stars" TV show. "She called me to let me know that she will be highlighting out boy Max in the personal background part of her debut: She will be filmed at the Graceland barn in a ballgown, with Max. She will tell his story.

"So Max will be on primetime. The first show is March 17th, 8 pm EST, ABC. I don't know if his story will air that night, this is all the info I have. Yet is it very exciting that Priscilla will highlight Max. She worked very closely with me on this adoption, it took 3 months of planning and coordination, for Priscilla lives in CA, I live in ME, and Graceland is halfway in between, in TN. Many phone calls, many emails. Priscilla is a wonderful friend of animals, she is passionate about them. How lucky for Max.

"Max is now a bit of a show-stopper in his own right (with all due respect to Mr. Elvis Presley). Graceland visitors can enjoy his lunge line training sessions and Max apparently receives a round of applause for his coltish efforts afterwards. Visitors are also calling Elvis Radio (Sirius Radio channel 13) to find out how the new horse Max is faring. In response, "Max Updates" are being aired on Elvis Radio. From all accounts, Max is settled in, romping about and enjoying his celebrity status. He will always be Max of Maine, one of the Six Horses Saved from slaughter to us here in New England. Yet he is now a part of cultural history, having been embraced by the worldwide legacy of Elvis Presley, Priscilla Presley and his new home - Graceland."

For more updates, check out the Six Horses update page here, or chip in by buying some Six Horses shirts on the website to help sustain the rescue group's effort.

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