Monday, February 25, 2008

Face plant... off the roof!

Well, I've done my share of face plants on the ski slopes, but this is ridiculous! At any rate, he figured a way out of it.
Head over heels
By Mark LaFlamme , Staff Writer
Thursday, February 21, 2008

NAPLES - The first part of the challenge was fighting panic and finding a way to breathe. With his face buried in snow and most of his body immobilized, George Sovas of Naples had few options. He started by eating snow, blowing it with his mouth, trying to move it with his nose.

Where there's a will, as the adage goes, there's a way.

For two hours Tuesday, the 57-year-old Sovas was buried upside down and headfirst in a giant mound of ice and snow that slid off his ex-wife's house roof.

"The only thing sticking up was my butt and my legs," Sovas said Wednesday night. "I was headfirst and backwards in the snow. It was packed like concrete."

It had started as a good deed.

On Tuesday afternoon, Sovas got his ladder on top of a snowbank in order to clear ice from his ex-wife's roof on Liberty Road. The winter has been particularly severe though, and ice and snow built up on the roof, and Sovas wanted to clear a portion of it to prevent leaks and damage.

That's when his premature burial began.

"I was trying to break a section of ice off the right corner of the house," Sovas said. "But with that small jarring, the weight of the ice still up at the top ripped all of the cutters off the roof. It came down like a freight train and just wiped me out. It hit me in the chest. It threw me clear over the ladder upside down. It was like doing a backflip."


Sovas was alive and warm Wednesday night. There is plenty of winter left, but the ice on the roof? Forget about it.

"Let it slide off; I'm not going there. Too dangerous," Sova said. "Way too dangerous."

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