Tuesday, June 17, 2008

from Waterville : Captain Cult !

As the 2000s revisits the 1980s, we are reminded of the '80s affinity for the 1960s.

We've exumed yet another 80s Maine-made comic book, in which a museum custodian named Tobey Draper finds an old flight jacket and goes back in time... only to be greeted as
Captain Cult. Oh, what those retro bomber jackets can do...


downeast misanthrope said...

Do you have any recommendations for someone like me who would love to collect some of these Maine-published comics? (eBay, craigslist, yard sales, Strange Maine: The Store?)

Michelle said...

downeast m-- It can be surprisingly hard to find some of these gems. Ebay sometimes gives up some treasure, but it takes patience over time. Other options include searching the titles over the web on Google and hoping that small independent comic dealers are listing their inventory online. Fleamarkets sometimes pay off, but again, even in Maine, it's a roll of the dice! You might contact Rick, who owns Casablanca Comics here in Portland and a couple of other Maine towns to see if he has any leads. Even at Strange Maine the store, it's been historically difficult to come across copies of these Maine artists' work.